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Departments of Orthopaedics

The department of orthopaedics in VHPL is a fully developed speciality providing basic and advanced care for musculoskeletal problems. The dept is run by two highly competent Ortho Surgeons. They together provide round the clock service for trauma victims. They provide all types of surgical procedures including – open & closed nailing of long bones (AFN,DFN,PFN,UTN,RECON NAIL,EXPERT NAIL,RUSH NAIL) for young & old persons & TENS Nail for children, similarly they do all types of planting (DCP,LCDCP.LOCKING PLATE, PRECONTOURED PLATES) for various particular fractures and complex pattern fractures.

ortho-thumb They also provide external fixation in compound fractures which include standard Ring fixator, hybrid fixator, Jess fixator, Orthofix & Rail fixator. For compound fracture with nonunion they give excellent treatment utilising principles of distraction osteogenesis using Illijarov fixator & other dynamic distraction devices as Rail fixator.
In the era of minimal invasive surgeries occurring in other departments they also have developed & provided minimal invasive surgeries & cosmetically appealing incision & suture techniques. So that almost scarless surgery is now possible while operating on any limb. (no stitches) resulting in early healing & reduced infection.

Nontraumatic orthopedic disorders

For arthritic knee & Hip

  • Patient Counciling
  • Drug treatment, physiotheraphy
  • Intraarticular injection of steroids, viscus
  • Supplements
  • Arthroscopic levage, debridement
  • High tibial osteotomy
  • Total knee replacement (TKR)
  • For end stage disease Total hip (THR) and (PHR) Partial hip replacement.
  • arthritic-knee

For neck and back pain. We provide :-

back-pain Drug treatment & physiotheraphy. For back pain a super speciality pain clinic is run by Dr. Shashank who provide all modern facility of nerve block, epidural injection in acute slipdisc patients, stemcell injection for chronic back pains, vertrbroplasty & kyphoplasty for osteoporotic spine patients Harmone replacement therapy for post menopausal women etc.
These advanced pain management procedures are only available in our hospital.


For chronic back pain patients we provide

  • Disc removal & disc replacement
  • Hemilaminectomy & canal decompression
  • Posterior & anterior instumentation, pedicle screws, disc cages, anterior plates.
  • Lumbar fusion PLIF/TLIF.

For congenital deformity developmental disorders. Polio & Neuromuscular disorders we provide tendone transfer, joint arthrodesis and other surgeries for deformity correction.

We also do various plastic surgical procedures with the help of plastic surgeries in industrial & road accident patients. Thus in nutshell the department is fully functional with very good reputation & well equipped with all modern treatments.